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How to Find Probate Real Estate Properties, Cars, Furniture, Painting, & Jewelry  for 30% to 50% Below Current Market Value

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“If You Are Considering Paying $3,000, $4,000 or even $6,000 for a 3-Day Probate Seminar . . . "


This is exactly the reason I chose to make
to make my Probate Investing system compact and to the point.

I tell everybody: All you need is in this book.

The last thing you need is a box full of 20 DVD's
and 12 three ring binders to study before you can
get up and running.

We will teach you the same exact methods on how to buy your choice of real estate for 30-50% of its market value, sell it quickly for its full price, and make tens of thousands of dollars on just about every investment; regardless of the current economic situation. You can do this with single-family houses. Duplexes. Condominiums. Apartment buildings. Ranchland. Farms. Office buildings. All types of real estate. And you will never run out because 97% of people who resides in the United States will go through probate.

   Probate is a process by which the estate of a deceased person is both validated and executed. The probate process can be a long and costly one for the sellers.

Probate FAQ

  What is probate?  
  Does all property have to go through probate when a person dies?
Should I plan to avoid probate?

   The reason these bargains exist is that they are part of an estate that's in probate. Don't let the word "probate" scare you. There is no legal mumbo jumbo involved. When you acquire real estate that's part of someone estate, you're simply helping beneficiaries settle the estate by purchasing its assets.  

There are only 2 Ways Anyone will Ever Avoid Probate:

 One: Never Die, You Must Life Forever!
 Two: You can Die but with nothing (you own nothing; you owe nothing).

All pieces of property, furniture, stocks, bonds, cars will require a signature and will have to go through probate.

What Probate does:
probate real estate investing Validates a Will if one exist
probate real estate investing Pays Creditors
probate real estate investing Distributes Assets

   Not every beneficiary wants to keep they inherited. Perhaps the estate involves people who live out of state and they don't want to change their lives. If a house is willed to more than one person, it's likely the property must be sold to ensure everybody gets their share. Plus, most beneficiaries want their money quickly. Hundred dollars today is a lot better then the promise of $200 sometime off in the future. Especially when attorney fees are eating away at that $200.

   So you will have highly motivated sellers who appreciate you're helping them get on with their lives.

Foreclosures vs. Probate Properties

   If you’re like most investors you are probably chasing the same foreclosures and REO’s that your competition is.  These properties are easy to find and this creates too much competition. Luck becomes a big factor in finding and actually buying Foreclosures and REO’s.  Work on property no one else even knows is going to be sold!

"Exposure is the true Enemy of a Real Estate Investor"

   There is no "For Sale" sign out front, no MLS listing, and very few people know where to find these probate properties. But for those who do, it can be a land of riches and the fastest route to making big money in probate real estate.

   With probate properties you can find steady 30-50% discounts, but the twist is they're not fixers properties like foreclosures or REO’s in which your discount is only about 15-20% because of other investors driving the price up. Which unfortunately will be swallowed up just in the cost of real estate.

Five Cost of Real Estate:
probate real estate investing Closing Cost (Buy)
probate real estate investing Closing Cost (Sell)
probate real estate investing Holding (Loan Payments)
probate real estate investing Fix-Up/Maintenance
probate real estate investing Sales Commission (Realtor) =  All Adds Up to 15% leaving no to very little profit!

Plus the homeowner don't trust you because he feels as if you are trying to take advantage of them, plus they didn't want to sale their house in the first place. Foreclosures require getting the homeowners out; in Probate they're already gone!


   The potential to make significant money is huge. On average over one hundred probate properties become available for sale well below market value each hour of every day across the U.S. and no one knows about it. Real estate has been long a proven path to making millions of dollars. Almost anyone can walk along this path, and I believe that no route has more moneymaking potential than the one you'll discover in my Probate Manual. 

   In just a few hours each week; less time than folks spend watching TV during a single evening you can learn to cash in with estates by following my easy-to-follow Probate manual. Keep your job and still earn $50,000 to $100,000 per year through probate investing.  We have been doing this for over 10 Years and the properties still keep coming, providing you know what to look for and how to find them.

   You won't find a book on "How to Make Money in Estates" in any bookstore. My Probate Manual is the only way to start learning the secrets of "estate investing."

   There is more than 43 trillions dollars worth of assets are in probate. It's a buyer's paradise. Yet there are so few real estate investors who know about it. I guarantee once you purchase my Probate Manual you'll be positioned to be "in the money" as never before. 


Probate Real Estate Properties: The Ideal “Buy Low & Sell High” Scenario!

No matter what you invest in, you are always advised to “buy low and sell high,” right?
Well, imagine a world where you can buy property at a substantial discount, and where

1. BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES: The probate market is full of fabulous properties you can snap up for 30% to 50% below market value. Get the home of your dreams for your family,  or resell quickly and be positioned to capture a lifetime of gains within days. It's the ultimate "Buy Low/Sell High" scenario.

2. HUGE INVENTORY: There are almost six million estates in probate, with assets worth trillions of dollars. Every type of real estate-from houses to beach side motels-are in probate. According to the Los Angeles Times,  there are nearly 44 times more probate properties than properties in foreclosure.

3. BUYER'S MARKET: Purchasing property out of an estate assures you of a highly motivated seller. Most beneficiaries are anxious to sell the house so that they can pay off debts attached to the estate that must be settled before the estate can be distributed.

4. ALL KINDS OF TREASURES: Historic architect, classic cars, fine jewelry, antiques, art, toys, collectibles, and much more enter into probate every day. Millions of items. And they can sit there for years unless you rescue them.

5. IT'S A COMPLETE SECRET: Few people know how to find and purchase property from an estate. Most the beneficiaries don't know how to sell. That means, as a "first in" estate investor, you have little or no competition from other buyers - plus you're helping anxious sellers


Details on my Probate Manual Includes:

probate investing First - I am going to introduce you to a concept you've probably never of before - Using information how to find probate properties & people who need to sell them immediately

probate investing Second - I'm going to give you a step-by-step method of how to get started with

Little or No Money

probate investingThird - I'm going to tell you how to get buyers for your properties



probate real estate investing


Probate Real Estate Investing



   Sale Price: $29.95


How to Find Real Estate, " Cars, Furniture, Painting, and Jewelry for 30% to 50% Below Current Market Value






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